I saw a lot of articles about logging and best practices methods for logging. But each of them explained separately some part of logging. Here I want to explain how to start logging in express.js and How to see results in the monitoring tools. and I will go directly into the writing code.

🎥 I strongly recommend you watch this video before start reading this article:


console is one of the built-in functions in node.js. as I said it’s the most basic tool for showing logs in your environment’s console.

console has many functions that you can access in…

What is the Story

I started NodeJs developing 4 years ago. At first, I was working on some urgent projects and I was forced to finish them As soon as possible, and I didn’t have enough time to create any good structure for my Projects.

After a while, I stuck in my Spaghetti Code and I learned if I have 10 minutes to cut all trees, Sharpen my ax for 9 minutes, and 1 minute to cut all trees. And now I want to share my experience of avoiding Spaghetti code and share my code structure.

First Step — Decide about frameworks.

Don’t forget to use a framework, Select it…

Faraz Faraji

Life is doing your love. Ready to growing. Sharing my Idea and ready to listen to everyone.

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